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At Baby Workout we gently and slowly help parents introduce babies to different motion activities so that babies may learn that there's more to life than eating and sleeping. Moms, and/or Dads learn to sing and play many many songs while relaxing baby's arms and legs and interacting with their babies. We have Air Log play and Parachute play (babies and parachute remain on the ground!) and a very special learning time at Baby Bubble School. Dad and Baby on Swing

After this hour of fun, babies are usually ready to eat and rest while their parents and instructor talk about development, discuss any problems the parents are having (and help solve them!) and provide little tips on how to make Life with Baby easier and more fun. This is a wonderful time for babies to get used to being around other babies and a perfect time for parents to bond with their babies and with other parents with whom they have so much in common.

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