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Pole Climbing

Preschoolers are eager to sharpen their skills by the time they are four years old. At WEE WORKOUT we are eager to help them do just that. This age child begins to be interested in the "proper" way to do EVERYTHING and they want to be WATCHED as they accomplish the variety of activities learned at this time. Climbing the fireman's pole alone and learning to "jump and go" on a platter swing are only two major skills that are achieved during Preschool Workout. Our music get-togethers are special fun with this group. Their timing and their fantastic imagination and creative abilities truly shine as we play musical instruments and sing different songs...and their sense of humor is too precious. Interacting at music time offers children a chance to talk about their feelings and ideas and is usually a fabulous eye-opening experience for the adults! Parents learn what REALLY lurks in the minds of their little children.Preschool Slide

In conclusion, WEE WORKOUT is an unique and enchanting program to be in as one graduates from babyhood to young childhood. WEE WORKOUT parents feel that this is the very best environment for them to share with their child, to gain that all important "quality time" we all so seriously attempt to obtain with our children.

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