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Tot Workout

Children of this age want to do EVERYTHING and want to know EVERYTHING ! Every piece of equipment is utilized and experimented with now. There is great pleasure in being able to start venturing out on virgin territory and seeing how high we can go and to what extremes everything can be enjoyed. Our imagination house is opened to children in Tot Workout. Sometimes it is a Car Wash, sometimes it's a Post Office, and sometimes it's a Back Yard Bar-B-Que. At Easter, children can slide into the Hug A Bunny Hut for a hug and a kiss from dozens of bunnies (stuffed, that is!). What will the house be next time? Children AND parents are always excited to see! Drummer

Musical instruments are also introduced at Tot Workout. Children learn how to keep time to all of their favorite songs and lots of new ones, too. Learning to follow directions is an important part of music time. This event is so much fun that children are totally unaware that they are learning such a valuable skill.

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